I am a Licensed Psychologist, with a home base in Lincoln, NE (Go Huskers!-To clarify: I’m not an obsessive fan, I don’t have a basement painted red with foam fingers everywhere or anything, but I enjoy a good tailgate, as long as it is not too hot or too cold, there are food and beverages, and a restroom is reasonably accessible). I work with local clients in person when there is not a global pandemic happening, and with clients across the U.S. and world via the magic of telehealth. I am currently licensed in Nebraska, Kansas, and Indiana. As a member of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists, I am able to become licensed in additional states. Let me know if you are in another state and interested in working with me!

But, are you even going to like me?

Some standout points about my style:



You’ve done therapy in the past and are looking for a therapist who will do more than “just listen” but also not talk about themselves the whole time-I’ve been there, I get it. It is important to me to balance being curious about your story with challenge, reflection, and ideas for how to create the change you are seeking. You also aren’t going to leave knowing more about me than yourself, let’s just say that.



When working with me, you will be asked about your thoughts, feelings, and how you experience allllll of this within your body (where do you feel pressure, pain, angst, butterflies, tension, lightness). You will gain awareness of the interconnectedness of your mind and body, and why this matters in getting you to where you want to be.


Past / Present / Future

Throughout our work, you will understand how what you experienced earlier in life (and possibly in the lives of your parents and grandparents!) contributed to who you are and how you struggle and thrive today. You will probably spend some time exploring what has happened before, without remaining struck there. Ultimately, we want to help you live mindfully in the present, with an eye on where you want to be in the future and an appreciation for where you have been.



You can’t (and shouldn’t) do this kind of work with just anyone. You need to feel safe enough to be uncomfortable-because it takes a lot of courage (totally worth it, promise). If you tend to feel connected to people who are patient and warm, with dry, self deprecating humor-you are probably going to be able to let your guard down with me.


Advocacy + Inclusivity

I strive to continually educate myself about my own privileges and how my identities as a cisgender, straight, white, ablebodied female are alive in my work. I am committed to cultivating a culture of safety, where people from all marginalized populations and identities feel able to bring their full selves into the spaces I am in. To be clear: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning/Queer, Intersex, Ally (LGBTQIA) individuals are warmly welcomed here. People interested in and committed to their own Antiracist work are warmly welcomed here. When I make mistakes in my advocacy work, I welcome this feedback with appreciation and honor of the emotional labor required to bring this to my attention.