Individual Therapy

You just wish you felt better.
You don’t know what you wish was different, but you have this sense that something is wrong. You just aren’t yourself. Maybe you’ve never felt like yourself, or maybe you have before, but haven’t felt that way for a long time.

Or you may know exactly what you wish was different, but you have zero clue on how to do it. There are thoughts constantly going through your head, and you don’t know what the right way to think and feel is. You may change things for a little bit, but something always gets in the way or you lose motivation and end up right back where you started. You feel like a big fat failure while everyone else around you seems to be doing things right. Or, you may be doing all of the things that you should be doing, but you still feel bleh.

On paper, maybe everything looks amazing: awesome family, killer job, happy hours with friends. But you just aren’t feeling the way you think you should be feeling. Or, maybe on paper things aren’t that great: your job makes you depressed, your partner doesn’t understand you or you are single and wish you weren’t, your social calendar is a ghost town.

You may find yourself doing stuff that just make things worse:

    • sleeping a lot
    • eating a lot
    • lashing out
    • avoiding people
    • putting on a mask so others will think everything is fine

And you know what you are doing is not helping, but you don’t know what else to do. You are just trying to get by and survive.
I help get things on track for you by figuring out what is getting in your way and then creating a plan for breaking through every single one of those barriers.

Life can be really overwhelming, but it is possible for you to feel confident, at ease, and safe. Begin feeling less terrible now.

Self-Care Class: Mind Body

Education & community to get peace with food-once and for all.

You are sick of your body and how you eat and want your life to be about something besides what you weigh, what you eat next, and how you look.
You self-sabotage over and over again, eating and drinking and not working out, which you always end up regretting but keep doing anyway.

You finally drag yourself to a store, but dread going into the dressing room and finding out what size you don’t fit into.

You spend all your time at book club waiting for someone to pass the cheese plate and can’t focus on what anyone is saying.

You don’t know why you can’t:

  • just eat like a normal person
  • stay motivated
  • have any willpower

I can help by pointing out what you are doing wrong and teaching you what to do instead based upon the evidence based philosophies of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. I walk with you step-by-step using live coaching, community support, online lectures, and more through 8 lessons to transform your relationship with food-once and for all.

Struggling with eating can make you feel hopeless, but you can get freedom from food.

Do you feel out of control with food? Learn the 6 major ways we self-sabotage (and what to do instead) in my FREE guide!