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You are probably here because you just wish you to felt better.

You may not even know what you wish was different, but you have this sense that something is off. You just aren’t yourself. Maybe you’ve never felt like yourself, or maybe you have before but haven’t felt that way in awhile.

You are doing all of the things that you should be doing, but you still feel bleh.

On paper, everything looks amazing: rockin family, killer job, happy hours with friends. But you just aren’t feeling the way you think you could be feeling.

Or, on paper-things aren’t that great: your job makes you depressed, your life with your partner is strained or you are single and don’t want to be, your social life leaves something to be desired.

Wherever you are at: you are ready for shit to change.

Individual therapy is where we can figure out what is going on with you and how to create your best life. 

We hang out and explore what is getting in your way and how to once and for all work through those freaking roadblocks.

Self-Care Class

Education for how to better get through your life-because we can only learn so much from memes.

Self-Care Class is one of the best parts of my week. This weekly online course and community is where I teach allllll about how to care for YOU.

How to take care of yourself when your mom uses THE TONE with you. You know the one.

How to care for yourself when you are SO FREAKING ANNOYED and frustrated and disappointed with yourself that you aren’t getting up in the morning and working out (I laid my clothes out the night before-what more do I need to dooooo?!) or scheduling those appointments that need to happen (your eyes have been irritated for six months and you can’t even wear your contacts anymore) or returning those things to the post office (you only have 30 days from the delivery date!).

How to care for YOU when all the other people in your life want you to meet up for drinks and get the cup they threw on the floor for the fourth time and start the dishwasher and check in with the clients to make sure they have everything they need.

How to care for yourself when scrolling through Instagram, seeing all the ways that you COULD BE improving your house, your skin, your wardrobe, your mind and feeling like you must be doing something wrong if you can’t even manage to floss regularly.

How to care for you when you hear your coworker that you cherish say something racist out of nowhere.

Who is this for?

This space is for all the people who want more ease and fun in their lives and relationships and less disappointment, annoyance, and tension. Who are ready to learn how to level up their life, meet their goals, and thrive-not just survive!

The Details

Enrollment opens every 3 months!

Meets weekly on Tuesdays 12-1pm Central Standard Time via secure videoconferencing platform.

Classes are recorded and available to watch ANY TIME-you do not have to attend live!

Access to a private, members-only Facebook Community to connect between meetings, receive and give support, and share resources!

BONUS recorded lectures, workbooks, hosted socials, guest speakers!

$97 per month

To join or learn more, schedule a 15 minute consult and we will get you all set up:

Photo of Lincoln NE Anxiety & Relationship Therapist Dr Chelsi Davis posing

Self-Care Class: Mind Body

This online class and community is for anyone who is sick of their relationship with food and wants their life to be about something besides what they weigh, what they will eat next, and how they look!

Get to the bottom of why you can’t get your shit together around food, and how lack of discipline and willpower are NOT the cause of your problems.

Figure out how to FINALLY stop sabotaging yourself and start making choices that you feel amaaaazing about.

Walk into a dressing room and get excited about how fantastic you are going to look in those pants instead of dreading what size you are going to fit into.

Provide witty repartee during book club instead of timing when it would be socially appropriate to ask for the cheesecake to be passed.

Have the worst day ever (or the most mundane day or moderately ok day or sort of sad day or pretty good day) and cope with those feelings instead of burying whatever it is under guilt and shame from going through 2 drive throughs on the way home and feeling like you are LITERALLY GOING TO BURST from all of the food.
I LOVE helping people find a safe space with food, where they can have any-no really, ANY-food in the house and not go crazy. Where they can conquer their job, or relationships, or passions like the badasses they are and not settle for thinking 24/7 about their body shape. All of that is under the haze that is binge eating, and I am so incredibly excited to see you get there. Once and for all.

Lincoln NE Anxiety & Relationship Therapist Dr Chelsi Davis Bookshelf Photo

The Details

Learn at your own pace, working your way through the Mind-Body curriculum of recorded lectures, workbooks, curated list of TedTalks, podcasts, and more!

2 Live Class Q+A Meetings Thursdays 12-1pm CST via secure video conferencing platform.

Classes are recorded and available to watch ANY TIME-you do not have to attend live!

Access to a private, Members-Only Community to connect between meetings, give and receive support!

$97 per month, 3 months for $241 a $50 value!

Social Anxiety Support Group

Talking to people is hard.

What are they thinking? Do they like you? Are they judging you? Do they wish you weren’t talking to them? How are you supposed to have a conversation with all of these questions in your head?!

If you could use some help and a safe space to work on:

Starting conversations
Developing them into something deeper
Learning how others really think about you compared to what you imagine is happening in their minds
Being yourself around other humans
Experiencing the kind of relationships that you wish you had

-this is the space for you.

The Details

Meets Wednesdays 4:15pm-5:35pm Central Standard Time via secure video conferencing platform

Limit of 10 members to maintain the safety of a small group

Access to a private, members-only Facebook Community to connect between meetings, practice social media relationships, and share resources!

$40 per meeting