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Anxiety is so incredibly painful and gets in the way of your whole life. It just makes everything harder, from when you wake up in the morning with that panicky feeling, to going through the day with this sense that something is wrong, without a clue of why you are feeling that way.

Or, you do know why you are feeling that way, and you can’t stop thinking about what is wrong or figure out how to feel better, how to stop thinking about it or make the problem go away. It feels impossible to concentrate on anything else or to enjoy what is happening in your life-even though on paper, everything looks great.

Then, you feel guilty for feeling so badly, because you should be feeling grateful and happy since you have a great job, and a loving partner, and healthy kids, and your mind spirals until you feel totally Out. Of. Control.

I have been to all of those places, and I know how badly it sucks. I feel so passionately about helping others find their way out of this cycle, because I understand how terrible it is to be in it.

I love helping people go to their work parties with confidence, finish the project they started forever ago but just couldn’t face, and FINALLY learn how to relax.

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Binge Eating

It’s so hard to feel disgusted with yourself all of the time, to feel desperate to find something that will make you feel in control with food.

You try all of the things, excited about your new diet or meal plan or supplement, ready to do whatever it takes to lose weight. Because you feel like, if you were just able to lose weight or eat less sugar or have flat abs that you would finally feel better.

And, at first things are awesome. You are excited, you get the results you want, you have hope.

But then you can’t keep up with the new thing and 6 months later, you are back where you started. You feel terrible about yourself and think there is something wrong with you making this so hard.

Or, you keep up with the new thing, but the shine wears off. You got the results you wanted, but you live in hard core fear that you are going to slip up and be back to where you started.

Getting freedom from food and feeling shitty about yourself is something I. Love. To. Do.

To not be controlled by food. Obsessed with thinness. Only feeling good about myself when being “good,” looking “good.”

It transformed my life to get out of this cycle when I learned what it takes to finally feel differently.

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Dr. Chelsi Davis is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Her work with clients reflects Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size philosophies. 


Self & Relationships

Being a human. In relationships. Is so hard.

You want to feel close, but your people are constantly doing things that leave you feeling disappointed or mad or sad or annoyed.

You want to be able to do it all and you’re afraid of saying no and disappointing people or leaving them in the lurch, so you end up doing everything they want you do to (as well as all the extra things you can come up with to make their lives better), and then you can’t get your own stuff done.

You love your partner and friends and kids and family and coworkers-it’s so much love-and when they are not ok you just don’t feel ok either. You think and think and think about what you can do to make them feel better, but no matter what you do, someone is always in pain.

You have all of these thoughts and feelings and needs of your own, and you are trapped-you can’t say anything to anyone because you are EPICALLY afraid of hurting their feelings or being too much.

You try so hard not to be selfish, but somehow you still feel guilty for not doing enough. You are so afraid that you are disappointing others and feel shitty because they are still feeling shitty.

This whole thing just sucks. 

I LOVE helping people figure out how to take care of their own big feelings and needs while being an awesome friend, partner, coworker, and parent to others. It is SO possible to love yourself and others at the same time. To live a full life, not at the expensive of, but WHILE you help others live their fullest lives, as well. 

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