Education for how to better get through your life-because we can only learn so much from memes.

Online courses and community to learn alll about how to care for YOU.

How to care for yourself when you cannot stand your relationship with food or your body or exercise.

How to take care of yourself when your mom uses the tone with you. You know the one.

How to care for yourself when you are so freaking annoyed and frustrated and disappointed with yourself that you aren’t getting up in the morning and working out (I laid my clothes out the night before-what more do I need to dooooo?!) or scheduling those appointments that need to happen (your eyes have been irritated for six months and you can’t even wear your contacts anymore) or returning those things to the post office (you only have 30 days from the delivery date!).

How to care for you when all the other people in your life want you to meet up for drinks and get the cup they threw on the floor for the fourth time and start the dishwasher and check in with the clients to make sure they have everything they need.

How to care for you when scrolling through Instagram, seeing all the ways that you could be improving your house, your skin, your wardrobe, your mind and feeling like you must be doing something wrong if you can’t even manage to floss regularly.

How to care for you when you hear your coworker that you cherish say something racist out of nowhere.

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How to Think About Things Other Than Food for Exhausted Dieters