Self-Care Class: Mind Body

Getting peace with food, your body, and movement: once and for all.

You know what we should do today?

Make peace with food.

This online class and community is for anyone who is sick of their relationship with food and wants their life to be about something besides what they weigh, what they will eat next, and how they look!

Get to the bottom of why you can’t just get it together around food, and how lack of discipline and willpower are not the cause of your problems.

Figure out how to finally stop sabotaging yourself and start making choices that you feel amaaaazing about.

Walk into a dressing room and get excited about how fantastic you are going to look in those pants instead of dreading what size you are going to fit into.

Focus on sharing your brilliant insights during book club instead of timing when it would be socially appropriate to ask for the cheesecake to be passed.

Have the worst day ever (or the most mundane day or moderately ok day or sort of sad day or pretty good day) and cope with those feelings instead of burying whatever it is under guilt and shame from eating so much that you feel like you are literally going to burst from all the food.

Anxiety Relationship Therapist Dr. Chelsi Davis Photo

More details about the course

I love helping people find a safe space with food, where they can have any-no really, any-food in the house and not go crazy. Where they can conquer their life rather than think 24/7 about their body shape. I am so incredibly excited for you to find your peace! Once and for all.

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