Frequently Asked Questions

When can I hang out with you?

I offer individual therapy sessions between 9am-4pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

Inquire directly for available premium services: Evening and weekend scheduling, 3 hour intensives.

Self Care Class: Tuesdays @ Noon Central Standard Time
Self Care Class-Mind Body: Thursdays @ Noon Central Standard Time
Social Anxiety Support Group: Wednesdays @ 4:15pm-5:35pm Central Standard Time

What is my investment and how do you accept payment?

Individual Work:
$275 Intake Session
$235 Subsequent 60 minute sessions
Inquire for premium services pricing

Self Care Class:
$97 per month
Self Care Class-Mind Body:
$397 per 8 week course
Social Anxiety Support Group:
$40 per meeting

Credit card, debit card, HSA or medical FSA payments are accepted. Charges are run on preferred payment method the evening following your appointment. I am not in network with insurance companies, but I can submit your out of network claim for you to your insurance company. You can find out your out of network behavioral health benefits by calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

I think I want to work with you-what do I do now?

Whether you would like to work together in individual therapy or are interested in group or a class, you can schedule a consultation to get started!

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Schedule a Consultation →